Historically, Oil & Gas Industry has always developed innovative solutions to optimize the critical path that operators have to face in their daily activities. In particular, for drilling and completion operations, the objective is to enhance continuously performance in challenging and sensitive operational contexts while improving even further safety and preserving environment. The era of Big Data applied to drilling and completion business is a fantastic enabler and opportunity for a sustainable economic growth and safer operations.

In this context, this paper describes how Eni has totally embraced the philosophy of Big Data, adjusting its traditional work approach to adopt a new way of thinking and working based on "digital disruptive" technologies. The overall market of digital solutions for Oil & Gas Industry was analysed to define the strategy of the research programme and its applications for the operations from headquarter (HQ) and in the geographic units. Thanks to the strong internal know-how and new partnerships, a comprehensive portfolio of digital initiatives was efficiently launched under the "Drilling & Completion Digital Programme", structured around the four following pillars:

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics,

  • Virtual Reality,

  • Safety Programme,

  • Rig Automation.

The results achieved so far for each of these pillars are remarkable. One of the major outcomes is the application of advanced algorithms to prevent Non-Productive Time (NPT) events in drilling operations. The software tool, developed under the "Big Data & Advanced Analytics" pillar, is applicable to all wells, monitored from the headquarter and geographic units. With a user-friendly interface, this tool predicts NPT events, hours before they occur. In addition, the software monitors the real-time data coming from rig site and, in case of abnormal drilling conditions it generates alarms, automatically via a text message or e-mail to the involved team. This allows the operators to take proactive decisions, to anticipate the potential occurrence of a problem and to follow up closely operations in a collaborative and efficient manner.

This paper describes the initiatives launched within the Drilling & Completion (D&C) Digital Programme, along with the main technical information and benefits achieved in the first year of application. This approach is an example for a new way of working for the entire Oil & Gas Industry.

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