The direction towards the green energy in the Mediterranean Region, it inevitably leads the research to investigate all the challenges that can show up. One of these are hurricanes which have been seen in different coast as Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Palestine, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and Tunisia. They are not typically called hurricanes, but "medicanes" which is a portmanteau (a word that combines two other words) of "Mediterranean" and "hurricane. Therefore, this paper analyses the results of a 10-min Large Eddy Simulation (LES) performed at the University of Colorado of a hurricane to identify wind field characteristics such as gust factors, spatial coherence, spectrum, shear profile, direction change and veer that may be important drivers of offshore wind turbine response. It is shown that the open source and freely available wind field simulator TurbSim (Jonkman and Buhl 2009) is capable of generating simulated wind fields that are representative of characteristics identified in the LES simulations. Finally, wind turbine simulation using the open source and freely available software package FAST (Jonkman and Buhl 2005) and the DTU 10MW reference turbine (Bak 2010) show that newly discovere hurricane wind field characteristics can significantly increase demands on wind turbine components, specifically the blades and tower.


Offshore wind energy development has been investigated and studied from different points of view during the last decades (Sun et al. 2012). The geographical areas interested have been mainly in the North Sea (Per Dannemand Andersen et al. 2018), where the majority of the wind farms are distributed. In the last years this advancement is growing also the Mediterranean Sea, where many projects are prospected for the near future.

However, awareness of potential hurricane risk to offshore wind farms along the Mediterranean Coast is increasing with potential offshore wind turbines to be constructed over the coming decades. Therefore, complete understanding of this risk is crucial to ensure the safety and availability of this important energy source, in the Mediterranean region different from the North Sea the hurricanes named "medicanes" in the aforementioned region, are growing in the last period (Claud et. al 2010).

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