The demand of creating an effective development strategy of marginal fields is essential particularly with this fluctuation of oil prices in the latest period by which it caused an increase in the process challenges and associated risk. For that reason the collaboration between all engineering teams has to be established in order to optimize the production of such missed potentials and difficult assets without ignoring commercial and financial aspects aiming to achieve highest possible revenue.

Petrobel has a portion of its reservoir that can be considered as a marginal block and it was decided to start thinking about the suitable way to develop such a complicated part of field. The main obstacle is well drilling issues since it is a long distance (2.5-4.0 km) that separates between location of this block and the shore line, and in order to drill from the existing artificial island there is also a limitation related to free space availability Moreover this block has a weak productivity that resulted from the low quality of formation facies in addition to the poor characteristics of reservoir fluids.

Therefore an integrated team had been formed in order to provide a comprehensive study and asses the risk factors related to any suggested solution. After passing the screening stage the chosen solution has offered the lowest expenditures and it is environmentally effective with minimal risk factor. It became a compromised strategy especially for the existing uncertainty.

This paper presents an overview about the nature of the field, plan that yielded to reach the target, and how was the mitigation of problems. The work sequence of this project will be addressed too. Finally it ends with a discussion about obtained results of this project through showing the achieved success.


With most of the world's "giant fields" already discovered and depleting, and the opportunity to find such prolific assets with high quality of recoverable reserves diminish continuously. Although production profile continues to climb up in the latest period, thanks to the progressive development of "medium and small fields". By which the concept of "giant fields" and field size is no longer holds thus it makes importance of such minor or marginal reservoirs.


The reduction in oil price in the latest period increased the calculated risk factor that in turn adversely affect on the economical aspects of the development process and the whole industry as in general.

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