After production startup on standard Oil, Lean and Rich Gas Fields, some of the reservoirs have shown a continuous pressure decline that was affecting real production potential in many of the wells, as the surface wellhead flowing pressures approached the network pressure. In this regard a "do nothing" production forecast was calculated and the results were showing that many wells would be most likely equalized with the flow line pressure within months, expecting significant production losses due to the wells instability operating at critical condition, followed by eventual shut ins that will jeopardize the original production targets. Moreover, the flow regime in the pipeline network can create instability also in the hydrocarbons treatment process.

It is a common use to apply boosting solutions, able to work with low inlet pressure, improving production and prolonging the useful life of each single reservoir system.

Common best practice are based on "compressor+separator" systems, mainly in presence of multiphase fluids and several balance of plant components, increasing the complexity of every operation and maintenance activity.

According to last technology improvement and operator experiences, applied to OEM solution, today, multiphase pump applications are allowing to summarize all the following added values:

  1. Possibility to apply multiphase pumps also with GVF value, close to 100﹪, working like "a compressor"

  2. Eliminate separators and balance of plant equipments

  3. Shortage of mobilization time (saving time during installation phase)

  4. Application of "No Flare" environmental approach


The main purpose is to demonstrate, with an high complexity example, the real benefit of the multiphase technology improvement. The exposed case is a real case. Customer and country cannot be disclosed.

The example will included mainly:

  • A number of gas and oil Wellsite facilities

  • A number of gas gathering Manifolds

  • Production pipeline

  • A Central Processing Facility

The gathering Field system consist of manifolds. Each manifold site gathers typically more that 3 wells. The combined well flow is then sent on to processing facility, via the main gathering trunk line. Some of the Field Manifolds also gather flows from other manifolds as well as from wells. The figure 1 below illustrate the possible network configuration, showing also the different local boosting systems installation sites.

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