Eni is an international company that daily manages several different realities and contexts all over the world. The changing market challenges, as well as the proactivity and business integration in the HSE issues management, have led Eni to be one of the first companies to adopt HSE management systems certified at the various organizational and operational levels.

Over time, the mature business management systems have been developed, driven by external changes (among which surely the international standards upgrading), but also through a growing awareness of the opportunities that are emerging in the management of HSE tools and sustainability as integrated parts of operations. With focus on some specific processes, in this paper we present through which tools the Eni HSE Integrated Management System (IMS) have become new and effective:

  • Search for extensive approaches, involving the greatest number of resources and functions;

  • Simplification and optimization of internal regulatory standards;

  • Abatement of the barriers of businesses peculiarities.

and how this approaches ensure consolidation and growth of sustainability values in Eni's activities.


This paper will show the new systems introduced in Eni, for the following scopes:

  • Context as a proactive opportunity;

  • Risks and opportunities evaluation - review of risk assessment methodologies, which have introduced the logic and metrics for evaluating opportunities, in order to valorize the positive interventions on the organization;

  • HSE commitment in the supply chain and green procurement;

  • Internal control system redesign - to ensure a continuous verification process and a high frequency and effectiveness in the execution of internal audits on the HSE IMS, at all responsibility levels;

  • Training, communication and transparency - to improve and higher level of awareness and competency of workers in relation to HSE and sustainability aspects.


Eni adopted an homogeneous and shared HSE IMS, based on an HSE Management System Guideline (HSE MSG) and relevant internal standard, that gives foundamentals to all Business Units and subsidiaries of scheme for implementation of HSE management systems. For Eni Business Lines, as well as for Eni Subsidiaries, the HSE MSG defines the criteria and process for allocating in HSE risk clusters and the related obligations regarding the adoption of the whole HSE IMS, certifications and control activities.

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