During 2015 & 2016, Saipem experienced an increase in Dropped Object cases, despite the traditional systems, processes, training and campaigns to prevent against such an occurrence being in place. The majority of these were related to a personal choice that increased the chance of a potentially catastrophic and life changing event taking place. Saipem took the approach to invert the negative choice to take a chance, to instill a ‘drive’ in people to take a positive choice, one that rejects chance: Choice Not Chance!

The methodology followed, developed by Saipem's HSE Culture department, was that of generating a powerful emotional engagement with the characters in a film dramatization, along with a very personal and credible message delivered to the viewer by the Executive Vice President himself. This highly emotional and impactful media would then be the catalyst to provoke lasting personal change in all subsequent locally driven drops training sessions and campaigns.

The media needs to enable an individual to personally transpose themselves into the roles of the characters, sharing their situations, actions, attitude and emotion. The key to this is creating and fostering an inclusive and recognizable environment, one where people can feel they can connect to because it ‘speaks’ to them on a peer to peer level, reflecting their own everyday ‘way of life’.

Following four months of internal development, filming began on a powerful storyline centering around two friends and their families, following the tragic events that unfold due to a very simple, but negative personal choice, and a willingness to take a chance.

The paper demonstrates the critical need to use the latest communication innovations and techniques to reach the heart and mind of an audience who are exposed daily to media. The paper describes Saipem's implementation of the film within the dropped objects campaign, and the effects such media has on its audience.

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