Complexity, size and hostile environmental conditions of plants, refineries and offshore platforms make monitoring and security assurance difficult challenges. Plants and platforms are usually equipped with sensors to monitor pipes, flows, pumps, equipment, rotating machines, valves, tanks, which are often managed by heterogeneous systems, sometimes not accessible via remote connection, but seldom, this real-time monitoring concept is applied to workers.

Due to the high risk in process areas, it's crucial to:

  • provide real time personnel location to Control Room operators, Search and Rescue Teams, Safety Department, so to assure workers' safety and incident prevention. Mainly considering that in many cases, the platforms contain facilities to house the workforce as well.

  • ensure that personnel does behave according to prescriptions

In this paper we describe our solution based on a real-time Automated Tracking System [ATS], based on a 3D representation of reality accessible via web browser on computer or mobile devices, configurable on any platform's, plant's, refinery's.

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