In this paper, discussions will be conducted about the DEKA project, which is the development of the Denise Area and Karawan fields in the Temsah Concession, offshore Egypt. This project is considered a fast track project that consists of five subsea wells with all relevant facilities in water depth of approximately 100 m. Basically, in this project, a certain chemical injection scheme for this field has been developed in order to inject the required chemical quantities for each well, optimizing the umbilical size and relevant installation; however, the technology, characteristics, and advantages of such systems have been demonstrated in detail. Also, a demonstration of how such a system could give the lead for one supplier than the others, considering the recommendation could be very useful for this scheme development and for easier operation in the future. As COMPANY have to start up the wells as soon as possible, by another word, each well should be started upon relevant installation completion; therefore, many umbilical testing problems have been encountered and high potential risks for the shutdown of the wells in production further to difficulties to follow a certain procedure to get these testing done. Based on that, a detailed demonstration for the umbilical network, subsea facilities, and relevant testing philosophy that has been adopted during commissioning phase, then some recommendations have been demonstrated for the engineering could be very useful in order to overcome such testing difficulties. This will add more advantages for the subsea facilities and could give the lead for the manufacturers, hence, it is easy to get implemented and have no huge cost impact comparing to its relevant advantage. These recommendations could be adopted with basic design of the projects based on the requirements, especially with similar project conditions (fast track project). After implementation of such modifications, smooth operation of the wells in production will be guaranteed, as well as smooth testing for the new installed portions.

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