Energy efficiency can enhance oil & gas surface facilities, maximizing hydrocarbon production, improving plant operation and reducing operative costs.

Two plants are described such an example where field operation and performance is constrained by energy issues.

The first example can be a compression station used to export the associated gas in a condensate oil-field, increasing the oil production. Because the Gas Oil Ratio has increased during field development, mechanical driven compressors are working at full load. The high ambient temperature, during summer, drives the gas turbine de-rating. The power output reduction constrains the compressors flow-rate, impacting the production due to the annual temperature range. In fact, the associated gas and oil condensate production is lower in summer than in winter time: inlet air cooling can increase the gas turbine performance. Basically three off the shelf technologies are available to allow the above, like mechanical chiller, evaporative cooling and absorption chiller. Also, operating costs have increased due to the emission taxation. Gas fueled heaters are used for process needs. Instead of existing gas fueled heaters used for process needs, gas turbine exhaust heat can be recovered to mitigate gas consumption and exhaust emissions.

The second, an artificially lifted oil-field, is experiencing an increase of electrical power demand concurrent to a decrease of associated gas production. Since the associated gas produced is too little to face the additional power demand, the easiest solution to the above is the power station expansion by running a diesel generator. High operative costs are associated with this scenario. Otherwise, additional power can be produced without additional fuel consumption: a waste heat recovery power generation system can be implemented retrofitting the existing facility. In this case, the energy efficiency enhancement of the existing facility can solve an operational issue.

Energy efficiency, recovering exhaust heat and increasing gas turbine performances, has a positive impact to the oil production and to the operative costs.

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