Traditionally, subsea services such as intervention, inspection, maintenance, and repair, are performed by divers or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) tethered to, and operated from, a surface vessel. Some of the challenges with this approach are that such surface vessels are associated with high day rates and the availability is typically constrained by both weather conditions and access to equipment and personnel. A new class of Subsea Resident AUV Systems is needed in the industry. We believe these systems will form a key part of the future tool box needed to improve current operations as well as to access future uncharted areas in both safer and more efficient ways. This paper will build on information obtained from various feasibility studies in this field. First, we will explain the main concept and the main market drivers of this technology. Second, we will review the main application areas and the main technical challenges. Finally, we will explain how such technology can be integrated, both on brown fields and green field developments.

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