The offshore material and personnel transportation is extremely important in the E&P activities because of the related safety aspects, but also because it may have a strong impact on schedules and costs. The optimisation of marine activities is a great deal: safety and efficiency have to go hand in hand throughout the management of this critical and sensitive area of operation.

In the past the general approach for the logistic management was based on spreadsheets used by different people working separately from each other. On the other hand an effective management of vessels can be achieved only if a complete and detailed set of information is available on a network and real time basis.

POOST (Planning and Optimisation Off-Shore Transportation) is an eni tool aimed at optimising all marine transport activities, providing a close monitoring of marine operations in a shared environment. The tool is designed to manage all of the logistic functions for offshore drilling and production operations, managing the cargo and personnel manifest and providing support for the planning of the vessel activities. Data quality is assured because duplication of data entering is avoided.

The system provides the real time vessel position tracking and this gives valuable information in case of emergencies. At the end of each scheduled trip, the system generates a report with information regarding personnel and materials transported by the vessel or the helicopter.

POOST is fully integrated with other company system softwares, thus sharing information to measure the performance of the activity (KPI's analysis).

The paper describes the functionalities of POOST providing an overview on its benefits in planning and effectively monitoring vessel and helicopter in off-shore operations.

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