The scope of this do cument is t o summarize the field trial of Expro FlowCaT TM and Geoservices GEM-ValveTM Wireless Electromagnetic Surface Controlled Sub-surface Safety Valve in Fiume Treste field, in sud of Italyt and provide a final technical evaluation. In 2007 COMP started a study about existing Surface Controlled Sub-surface Safety Valve, to have a complete knowledge of their status in worldwide wells and to make a statist ic analysis of the most common failures. The control line's failure is the most critical, since it prevents the installat ion of a contingency WR-SCSSV, which would be impossible to control. In these cases, the only available contingency, till now, was the in stallation of a SSCSV (Sub-Surface Controlled Safety Valve), but it doesn't guara ntee the same level of reliability as the SCSSV's: these valves are n ot controlled from the surface, they are not fail-safe and they are operated by particular eve nts on the well (such as high flow rate or low pressure), which are very uncertain. To address this issue, COMP made a survey with valves' supplier s and a solu tion to this problem was identified in the new wireless electromagnetic technology. After a strict "ISO-mo dified" qualification pro cess and a 6-months field insta llation in a STOGIT gas storage w ell with monthly tests and a final slam test, both the co nsidered Electromagnetic Wireless Surface Controlle d Sub-surface Safety Valves: E xpro 3.65" FlowCaTTM & Geoservices 3.72" GEM-VALVETM are considered qualified and field proven to be installed in eni wells

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