Fitness to work assessments are an essential part of health risk management, they enable a health practitioner to establish whether an employee's medical condition is likely to affect their fitness to work. The starting point for evaluating the needs and content of fitness to work assessments is the Health Risk Assessment process. HRA systematically identifies, assesses and controls any risks to health. As a result of the Health Risk Assessment, it will become apparent whether health parameters associated with the employee (e.g. medical disorders, diseases, or physical fitness) cause a health or safety hazard that is deemed unacceptable. If this occurs, medical screening may be necessary in order to exclude certain employees because of a particular health parameter. In addition, in certain locations (e.g. offshore, remote sites) the medical emergency response may be insufficient as there may be unacceptable delays in reaching an appropriate level of medical care. In these circumstances, medical screening to reduce the probability of a medical emergency requiring medical evacuation will be necessary. The aim of an individual fitness to work assessment is to determine the fitness of a person to perform a specific task or to live within certain conditions. Taking in consideration the above mentioned definitions and elements; Eni E&P has created standards to develop the health risk assessment and the fitness to work. The purpose of the paper is to show the way is structured and inserted the fitness to work procedure in the Eni E&P-HMS as a centre of the proces

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