Pipeline operators utilizing pipeline flow improvers now have the capability to increase production in the field by opening the chokes on existing producing wells and bringing on-line wells that had been previously shut down. This is only one of the many benefits that can be attained by using flow improvers in pipeline operating systems. For many years, commercially available flow improvers have been used in single phase pipelines to increase flow or decrease pressure. Recent technological breakthroughs now enable pipeline operators to gain these benefits in traditionally challenging applications such as multiphase (oil, gas, water systems) and heavy crude oil (API as low as 9°). Currently, ConocoPhillips' brand of LiquidPower™ Flow Improvers and ExtremePower™ Flow Improvers are the only flow improvers commercially available that are effective in these types of systems. These technological breakthroughs, together with CSPI's exemplary quality performance and engineering expertise, make LiquidPower™ and ExtremePower™ Flow Improvers the products of choice to treat more than 15 million barrels of crude oil and refined products across the globe daily. This is a testament to the capability of flow improvers and the flexibility that operators can benefit from using such products. A specific North African case will be discussed where the DRA application enabled the shutdown of an intermediate pump station as well as demonstrating a significant production increase

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