In the Eni production operation, often there is the problem of solids production inside the reservoir fluids. In addition to this problem, sometime there is the complication of iron oxide formation in pipeline and vessels producing solids with a very low dimension (about 6 microns) that can compromise the performances of recompression machines for gas export or other rotating machines and plough valves ant piping. Also tubs may be closed by solids. Also the liquid carry over may be responsible of poor process operation, as glycol or amine transportation in contactors or vessels. In order to solve this problem, since 15 years ENI E&P adopt the wringing separator that is able to remove all the particle at least till 1 microns. This performance as been useful in Mellitah's production plant for removing solids by the gas arriving by the Wafa pipeline. For the pigging of the same pipeline, solids with diameters less than 1 microns shell be foreseen to be produced. In order to separate the major quantity of these solids a new model of WRINGING separator as been implemented and tested in TEA system facilities in PISA. The good result of the invention may be useful to solve the Mellitah's problem and other similar problem for solids production, i.e. FeS in KPO field

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