Hence the huge oil & gas fields on onshore or shallow offshore areas have already been discovered, oil & gas sector is now focusing on mainly two items; deep offshore explorations and effective reservoir management. The importance of new explorations can be understood easily, such as deep offshore fields, however the importance of effective reservoir management must also be understood, in such a time; when the exploration costs are very expensive. Effective Resevoir management is developing and depleting resources in a manner maximizing benefits, advantages and economic recovery. From this definition, it can be comprehended that; for effective reservoir management, in addition to technical sight, economical, social and other sights of the resources are needed to be considered. For gaining this considiration ability, initially a multidiciplinary team work is necessary. Moreover, as a new part of that team; a GIS & RS advisor group is needed. In this paper, for having an effective reservoir; the demand of having a multidiciplinary team work management, the properties of the multidiciplinary team and as a new part of that team; the importance and the function of GIS & RS advisor group will be described

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