During the last few years, advances in completions and sand-control technology have enabled development of many high-end technologies that allow complex operations to be conducted. During the life cycle of a well, one of the key operational goals is to maximize the well's net present value (NPV). Typically, the majority of the well completion budget is allocated to the drilling phase. If, however, the drilling costs are not kept within planned budget and time parameters, it becomes necessary to reduce the time and cost in the completion strategies to enable the project to be completed within cost constraints. This paper discusses a new single-trip perf-pack gun hanger (STPP-GH) system that reduces cycle times, and thus, costs. The STPP-GH completion system provides a completion in which perforating and frac-packing and/or gravel packing for a zone of interest can be performed in a single workstring trip. When using this system, the operator can realize such benefits as reduced completion fluid losses, reduced formation exposure, and increased well-control safety. These advantages result from the reduction in operational time when compared to traditional perforating and gravel-pack operations

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