Expandable metal technology applications can provide cost-effective solutions to drilling and production challenges. One such application is expandable sand-control screens that eliminate annular flow and help prevent sand migration and "hot spotting." A recent project with our partner Petrobel ENI employed a Baker Oil Tools expandable screen assembly to recover reserves in the offshore Mediterranean Sea north of Port Said City. After the gravel-pack deployment in the original well bore become untenable, Baker Oil Tools' Expandable Screen Assembly was brought in to recover the gas reserves of Well PFM-9 side track 2. The aim of the project was to install, in one trip, the 4-¾-in. Expandable Screen Assembly in Well PFM-8 for Petrobel in Egypt to isolate the shale above and below the sand production in a 6-in. open hole. The Expandable Screen Assembly design combines sand control with expansion technology, providing formation particle exclusion, annular flow reduction, hole stability, and large inside diameters (IDs). Upon conclusion, the project yielded very positive tangible results: Production was 450,000 m3/d and likely to increase after further cleanup. The 4-3/4-in. Expandable Screen has been successfully run in five wells for Petrobel during 2005. This paper will explore the successful completion techniques used in Egypt, using Expandable' sand-control technology

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