In order to ensure the safe and continuous operation of GreenStream Pipeline System, an Integrated Management System (GIMS) has been activated since the system began its operating life in October 2004. The scope of this paper is to present GIMS and its principal components. The operability of a submarine pipeline can be assured by a suitable Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) Program able to provide timely information on potentially dangerous conditions or damages and to activate corrective measures to maintain the safe transport of gas. Seabed mobility, unexpected corrosion or human activities such as marine traffic and fishing activities are among the possible causes of damages to the submarine pipeline that I&M Program is conceived to face and correct. The inspection of the pipeline is carried out both externally and internally; the criteria, methodology and the equipment used for the inspection campaigns are described in the paper. A sophisticated data management system used to detect possible anomalies in the system and to maintain the historical data archive is also presented. To pursue its commitment to protect and enhance human and natural resources GreenStream has activated a Health-Safety-Environment Integrated Management System (IMS), also described in this paper, that sets the guidelines to satisfy the legal obligations and the most advanced health, safety and environmental standards

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