There is a recognised need across the oil & gas industry to gather and maintain accurate information about existing offshore facilities to improve the quality of maintenance revamp and retrofit engineering. For the first time, incredibly detailed, near photo-realistic quality 3D laser model representations of existing offshore facilities can be integrated immediately into 3D plant design models. This paper will describe an innovative new concept which incorporates laser models into the heart of a 3D plant design system. The solution addresses one of the most significant engineering challenges facing a brownfield project team - the lack of an up-to-date as-built plant model of the facility in which the design engineer can have complete confidence. This open solution works with laser models of any size and of any vendor denomination. This solution has facilitated a new automated way of working. This streamlined approach eliminates wasteful intermediate remodelling activities, simplifies business processes and provides a richer and higher quality data environment for the designer to get the engineering right first time, with not only substantial cost savings but also shortening of project schedules. The accompanying presentation will demonstrate in a refit maintenance project how new pipework can be optimally routed with respect to a laser model and ‘tied in’ to an existing 3D plant model. The presentation will conclude by describing a number of real examples of the beneficial use of this solution including in the North Sea and West Africa, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. INTRODUCTIO

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