In the search for, and prospecting of hydrocarbons, we have to use space images in order to perform directly the surface maps in relationship to petroleum exploration. These maps are generally geological, structural and of lineaments, of a prospect, of a basin and even of a region. The major advantage of space images lies in the synoptic view and the possibility of processing numerical data that allows creating new channels (ACP), colour transformation (IHS) and image filtering in the case of our study. This study is based on the use of Landsat TM satellite images in order:

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    To define and study the glacial paleovalleys distribution which are an important target in the search for hydrocarbons and make good reservoirs.

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    To characterize the natural fractures networks using the remote sensing techniques on the Cambro-Ordovician outcrops in the Tassili N'Ajjer area. Their study enabled to understand the relationships between fracturing-lithology, major fault-fracturing and the distribution laws of fracturing.

The choice of the Tassili N'Ajjer has been led on one hand, by the excellent conditions of Cambro-Ordovician outcrops in this region, where they can be easily followed over hundreds of kilometers and, on the other hand by the importance of this area which forms the southern border of the Illizi and Berkine basins, where significant volumes of hydrocarbons have been discovered and remain to be discovered in subtle traps. These can be related to plays associated with glacial paleovalleys and tight Cambro-Ordovician reservoirs where fracturing control the production volume at a commercial rate. This work has been completed by combining space data (satellite images and aerial photographes), and surface data (geological maps and surface observation) to establish analogical models. These models enable to better understand the subsurface models that came from the interpretations of seismic data and wells drilled in these basins. Key words: satellite images, glacial paleovalleys, digital processings, fracturing, Tassili N'Ajjers

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