HSE Management Systems are becoming increasingly important for Companies who do business internationally and due to the different local regulations, environmental and social frameworks the implementation of HSE Integrated Management Systems is a challenging activity. This paper will provide an understanding of how HSE issues are approached by Eni E&P Division, whose Headquarter achieved the ISO14001 Certification for the governance of HSE management worldwide and the Exploration, Development and Operations Projects HSE management. The top-down approach, the integration with other corporate management systems (such as project, operations, knowledge,..) combined with a risk-based and performance-based perspective, allows the Eni E&P Division to increase the HSE performances and drives the certification process (both ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001) of our Subsidiaries even for those which are located in challenging areas, such as North and West Africa. The paper will focus on the HSE IMS implementation process in Eni Subsidiaries in Libya, which is an example of how these issues are growing up within organizations, other than Italy, managing their business in the Mediterranean Sea. Examples of consolidated HSE IMS tools, such as HSE Strategic Objectives, HSE 4-Years Plans, Risk Registers as well as Leading HSE Performance Indicators will also be included

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