Historically, drilling performance in the deep horizontal wells in the hard rock environment of the Val d'Agri in Italy had been limited due to low penetration rates and the inability to steer the wells with conventional steerable motor systems beyond a certain depth. In a recent well, these limitations have been overcome by introducing a rotary steerable system (RSS) with integrated high performance motor. In addition, a comprehensive downhole measurement and diagnosis tool has been integrated into the downhole system to provide real-time information for drilling optimization. This new drilling system proved to be highly effective in the recently drilled Monte Enoc 1 Or A well and delivered outstanding improvements in terms of rate of penetration, steering control and bit life and run length extension. This paper presents an overview of the new drilling system, summarizes the drilling operation and presents some log examples providing detailed insight into the drilling process with the integrated motor. Finally, the drilling performance results are quantified and compared with equivalent data from earlier wells

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