Abstract title: Sand production - Sand Monitoring and Management Measurement is a cornerstone of any sand management system. Sand production in oil and gas wells is one of the most challenging factors an operator faces during production. Sand and particles can be the reason for low productivity, and a cutback in production in the range of 20 to 75% is fairly common in oil and gas wells. Produced sand can never be ignored. Any well producing from a sandstone reservoir needs to have some sort of sand monitoring system in place, preferably online and with real-time readings. By use of non-invasive sand monitoring equipment the operators can save millions of USD. The increased expences when going subsea, in conjunction with the need to produce as much as possible per well, makes the selection of a subsea monitoring system even more important. ClampOn has been working on the issues of sand production and sand monitoring for more than a decade, helping clients all over the world to measure and Understand it. Our experience from thousands of wells has given us a unique practical knowledge on how sand production will appear and how it can be measured and dealt with in an efficient way. This presentation includes field examples demonstrating the earnings made

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