One fundamental aspect to be address in Geosteering drilling technique is the capability of transmitting in real time high volume of data from down hole to surface. One of the approaches to solve the problem is to deploy a thin communication cable inside the drill string minimizing the interferences with the standard rig and drilling operation. On this cable, transmission technologies can be applied to reach up to 2 MBPS over 4 km of cable length. Tecnomare S.p.A. has developed, for ENI E&P S.p.A., a system to automatically deploy such a cable with minimized impact on the standard rig operations. This new patented Ultra high Data Rate Telemetry (UDRT) system will be tested in field in February and June 2007 in combination with two different down-hole tools. The UDRT system is based on a vehicle able to lay a thin electrical wire inside the drill string during drilling operations. The vehicle includes a mechanism to lock/unlock to/from the drill pipes and a cable cartridge holding a wire spool. A winch running a hoisting cable through the wire line entry of the Top Drive and terminated with a latching device allows latching and moving the vehicle inside the drill pipes. During drill operations the vehicle is locked inside the upper drill pipe and hanged to the hoisting cable. When a new drill pipe has to be added, hoisting cable and latching device are lifted inside the saver sub and the vehicle remains locked inside the last pipe. Once the new pipe is connected, the latching device is lowered, the vehicle is latched and lifted up to the middle part of the new pipe while the communication wire is run out. Vehicle is again locked to the new pipe and drilling can start again

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