The Gas Dehydration operation carried out with TEG at high severe pressure is currently an increasing application in the oil & gas industry especially on the FPSO system. This paper describes a dehydration project of 130 MMSCFD of natural gas on a Brazilian FPSO at 200 barg which is currently at the highest industrial pressure limit. At 200 barg the difference of the specific gravities between the gas and liquid phases are significantly reduced and thus a particular design has been developed for the selection and the sizing of the process separation internals in the dehydration column (contactor). The difficulty of dehydration had been also affected by the severe design parameters due to the loads and motions generated by the floating production system. The first solving approach had been the numerical and theoretical comparison between different separation systems using computer simulation tools, then the final selection and mechanical sizing had been done by the separation system suppliers. The dehydration column has been designed with three consecutive integral sections: "inlet scrubber" with a high efficiency demister, "contactor" with Mellapak M250Y® structured bed, "postfilter" with coalescing elements which are more effective than the demisters and vane-packs to reduce the entrainments. COMART SpA delivered the project on April 2006 and the start-up is planned on 2007

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