Nationwide, the safe exploration and production of oil and adequate preparedness to respond in the event of an oil spill are top priorities for both industry and government. Prevention of an oil spill is the best option to protect the environment. ENI E&P Division - UGIT (Italian Business Unit) is involved in the management of the on shore oil sill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans in all the Italian installations: oil/gas treatment plants, pipelines, wells. The primary focus of oil spill management is spill prevention, provisions for which should be incorporated into all relevant operating procedures. The secondary focus is the development of oil spill response procedures through the development and maintenance of an Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP). The OSCP is a project-specific plan, outlining the response structure, response strategy and relevant information needed for decision making in the event of a spill. The OSCP is an important part of an application to carry out offshore petroleum activities because the proponent must demonstrate that they have the resources, management structure and relevant skills available for the prevention, containment and clean up of oil spills. The oil spill management program has been developed in accordance with: o International standard and regulation o National environmental and safety regulation o Local restriction (protected area, environmental quality, use of land constraint, etc..) o ISO 14000 requirement o ENI E&P HSE Management System The oil spill plan is an operative document that provides the criteria and instruction aimed to support the technicians solving the emergency situation due to the spill of hydrocarbon and other dangerous substance inside and outside the installation. The oil sill plan should contain the impact on the environment, the population and should guarantee effective and immediate response. Each oil spill plan describes the E & P activity in each field studied, gives a snapshot of the local environmental quality (geology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, protected area, ecc..), analyzes all the different spill scenario (inside installation spill, pipeline spill, spill due to ubstance moved by truck) and defines the response and action to be executed in order to minimize the social and environmental impact

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