This paper describes an innovative confinement and recovery alternative for the Fuel Oil, remaining in the sunken oil tanker "Prestige". This confinement alternative was the Secondary alternative that Repsol YPF studied in order to neutralised the fuel oil in case the Primary alternative, shuttle bag extraction was deemed not feasible. The solution engineering presented herein focuses on firstly the design and deployment of a steel canopy (»3200t in air) over the wreck bow section, which resides at a depth of nearly 4000m. The purpose of the canopy would be to safely contain all fuel oil residing in the wreck and facilitate a rapid Multi-purpose Subsea Construction Vessel (MCV) intervention and fuel oil recovery to a DP tanker at surface through a heated flexible riser. Repsol YPF, though in no way connected to the vessel or its cargo, was appointed by the Spanish government to recover the fuel remaining inside the wreck

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