The Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) and the Generalized Pareto Distributions (GPD) provide a rigorous statistical approach for the definition of extreme values of the meteo-oceanographic parameters required in offshore engineering. Both methods are quite demanding in terms of quantity and quality of basic data, and this has severely limited their practical applications, but with the increasing availability of long time series of data from numerical models and measuring stations, their rigorous nature is becoming more and more appealing. Hence, it has appeared worthwhile to provide a review of the mathematical tools and formulas required for their practical application to the offshore engineering. The paper reviews the theory underlying both distributions, summarizes the formulas for the evaluation of distribution parameters with the Maximum Likelihood method (MLE), the method of Moments (MOM) and that of Probability Weighted Moments (PWM) and provides methods for the evaluation of confidence intervals for the distribution parameters and quantiles

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