Duplex stainless steel 2205 is common use in off-shore applications where good corrosion resistance is required. Changing in operation working condition or exposure to high temperature such as in welding operation can effect on the corrosion resistance of 2205 Duplex stainless steel. In this study the susceptibility of 2205 Duplex stainless steel to pitting corrosion was investigated in off-shore environment (natural seawater). The main criteria in this study was the test temperatures of RT, 50 and 80°C and the microstructure produced at different heat treatment temperatures of 850, 950, 1100 and 1300°C in order to stimulate welding operation temperatures. Corrosion resistance was measured by pitting corrosion potential using potentiodynamic electrochemical test technique. Experimental results revealed that the corrosion resistance of 2205 Duplex stainless steel decreased as the test temperature increase above RT. Metallurgical changes produced at 1100 and 1300°C had a slight effect on pitting corrosion potential where less corrosion resistance was noticed for the samples with microstructure produced at 850 and 950°C. This can be attributed to the volume fraction of the harmful second phases precipitation such as Sigma phase

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