This paper reports on the development of the GreenStream Project. It includes a Gas Compression Station at Mellitah (MGCS), where the Gas to be exported to Italy is compressed, a 516km-long offshore pipeline (OPL) which crosses the Sicily Channel, passes west of Malta and conveys the gas from Libya to Italy, and a Receiving Terminal in Sicily (SRT), Gela, which receives and meters the export Gas to be let into the Italian Gas Transport Network. GreenStream BV, a Company jointly incorporated by Medoil (NOC affiliate) and Agip North Africa BV, has been entrusted with the development and the operation of the transportation system, which boasts some challenging technical features such as the the pipeline's large nominal sizing (32" x 30.2 mm thk) and its installation in very deep waters, up to 1127 m, the uneven and markedly irregular seabed profile along the offshore routing and the capability of the compression station designed to convey 8 GSCM of natural gas yearly. The start-up of the system occurred on schedule on 1st October 2004 and represented an historical event in the relationships between Libya and Italy

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