Many of the oil and gas installations in the Adriatic Sea are reaching the end of their economic production life, and proposals for their decommissioning are being prepared. On this regard Eni E&P Division launched in 2003 an R&D project (REPLAT - REuse of offshore PLATforms) aimed at developing a procedure to support the technical and economic feasibility evaluation of reusing offshore platforms/structures. The project includes a comparative study of strategies and addresses technical, ecological, regulatory, political and economic issues. Various reuse options are systematically considered and evaluated, such as fish-farming, production of energy from renewable sources, scientific applications, technological applications and others. Project partners are Companies of Eni Group (Tecnomare, CEOM, Fondazione Enrico Mattei). Other Organizations that may be involved in the project are ARPA - Agency for Environmental Protection of Emilia Romagna Region, ICRAM - an Institute of the Ministry of Environment for marine research, etc. There are about 5995 oil and gas platforms in the world and 124 are operative in the Adriatic Sea. In future, in Italy a lot of offshore gas installations will be decommissioned. Their average age is 17 years (75% > 11 years, 25% > 22 years). The results of this project can modify or address plans for decommissioning, because the fate of offshore installations will be different if the new hypothetical scenarios are able to minimize costs and environmental impact of the offshore petroleum industry. Often, the best way to achieve these goals is to facilitate the reuse and refurbishment of offshore facilities and their components for non-Oil activities

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