Pump (ESP) systems are moving into ever more challenging environments and the traditional concepts of what an "ESP Completion" is and must become, are also changing. This paper reviews the drivers, rewards and challenges associated with the merger of Intelligent Completions technology and ESP completions. ESPs and intelligent completions both share the unique ability to dynamically adapt to changing downhole conditions. As increasing water-cuts can be effectively met by ESPs, a selective intelligent completion below the pump can isolate the offending interval, and adjust the inflow allocation to optimize continued production. ESPs are now being run in subsea completions. Dual, redundant pump systems in conjunction with remote flow control valves can enable new outflow possibilities. The assessment of risk and techniques for managing and mitigating it are being addressed in novel new ways as a result of new technologies. Downhole adjustable chokes are now accepted technology, and when combined with conventional selective completions, offer continuously optimized inflow profiles from stacked pay horizons and extended-reach horizontal wells to the ESP. Case histories of unique ESP Systems, Intelligent Completion Systems and hybrid combined-technology solutions are reviewed, with emphasis on transportable concepts for use in other challenging situations. Additionally, emerging applications for ESPs in subsea completions, deep water, and mudline deployment are reviewed, along with benefits to be realized from the innovative use of downhole monitoring and remote flow control from the world of the intelligent well

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