Many gas wells in Europe have experienced a decline in gas production and are experiencing liquid loading problems. Often with gas wells that are heavily loaded primarily with water or brine it is necessary to shut the well in to allow pressure to build back up. In some instances, treatment with chemical can remove water from the well, restoring productivity.A gas well in an onshore European gas field was suffering from liquid loading problems. With this particular well after production re-started, the production increased sharply but soon fell as liquid loading occurred. The well was then shut in to allow a period of pressure build up before production was restarted. The time taken for the well to load was short (a few hours). The well essentially underwent cycles of production leading to loading, shutting in and production re-starting.Baker Petrolite used an in-house computer model to determine if the gas well was a suitable candidate for chemical treatment. It was decided to attempt to increase the gas production from this well by the use of foamer chemical treatment. A foamer was selected to treat the well and increase the gas production. Selection of the foamer was achieved by the use of the Baker Petrolite FOAMTM model and by laboratory test work using actual well fluids. The chemical was applied downhole by continuous injection via capillary tubing. Rigorous preparation had been made to try to ensure that the results achieved maximum increases in gas production. The trial showed that continuous injection of a foamer could allow continuous production from a well previously suffering from severe liquid loading. A maximum gas production rate of 3.5 MMSCFD was achieved. The average during the trial was approximately 1.8 MMSCFD. The well was successfully treated since gas production was increased five-fold and there were no reported problems with processing further downstream. In the given paper, the case history and the service necessary to achieve substantial value for gas producers in marginal fields is discussed. It is felt that rapid and systematic utilization of these unique services may help mitigate gas production declines from mature gas wells experiencing liquid loading

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