Industry has inevitably a lot to do with risks, and for this reason a sound management must be committed to analytically identify them, to quantify them as far as practicable and to reduce them to the ALARP level, taking into consideration costs, technology, benefits to public health and safety and other societal and economic concerns. The transportation of fuels on vessels is a critical phase of the energy process, and the tool currently adopted by industry to face the connected risks is vetting surveys, i.e. pre-hire inspections finalized at investigating vessels eligibility and focused on safety matters. Within the last three years, the authors have been carrying out a wide-ranging study aimed at rationally approaching vetting systems. The outcome of the study has been the development of a Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM) tool, namely the Vetting Decision Supporting Tool (VDST), which satisfies in an innovative and rational manner charterers' real knowledge needs and helps quantifying risks and accounting for uncertainties. The paper provides, in addition to a general overview of the study and of its main findings, a brief description of the VDST structure and of it operation

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