In around 340 BC, Plato wrote in ‘The Republic’, "Necessity, who is the mother of invention". Such is the case of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD).MPD is a technology that addresses a growing number of offshore challenges associated with drilling through "trouble zones" and offers more precise pressure management with fewer interruptions to drilling ahead - uniquely applicable to OMC 2005. For example, a recurring drilling challenge in the Adriatic is crossing layers of high differential pressures, drilling through zones of depleted pressure to discover virgin pore pressure objectives. - MPD technology enables fewer occurrences of drilling flat time to change mud density. Deep wells may be drilled to tolal depth objective with as few as 3 base fluid density changes.- Loss circulation and potential well control issues in depleted layers may be avoided. - In abnormal pressured layers or within narrow pore to fracture margins, jointed pipe connections may be safely and efficiently made with surface backpressure. - Primary benefits are less drilling flat time, reduced mud cost, and enhanced control of the well

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