IFP developed a specific coiled rod, made of composite material, and dedicated to downhole measurements. It is named "SEMI RIGID LOGGING CABLE (SRLC)" or CABLE SEMI RIGIDE. The SEMI RIGID LOGGING CABLE is a specific logging cable, stiff enough to push logging tools and flexible enough to be stored on a winch drum. This system is very light compared with other systems, such as coiled tubing units. The Semi Rigid Logging Cable:

  • is stiff enough to transmit the thrust required to displace or activate logging or intervention tools in the horizontal section of the well.

  • is flexible enough to be wound around a special winch.

  • is light compared to armoured steel logging cable.

  • allows well-head sealing with a BOP / stuffing box because of its smooth skin.

Planned uses for the SRLC are:

  • Logging or intervention in the highly deviated or horizontal sections of oil and gas (or water injection) wells.

  • Logging operations in small exploration well bores (e.g. mines or underground galleries).

  • Pipeline inspection (e.g. with a video camera)

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