Since the 11th of June 2003, DNT Offshore has been actively engaged in a pioneer project to assess the viability of the development of an Offshore Wind Farm in the Adriatic Sea, offshore Ravenna. Contracted by a prestigious Italian Oil Company, the scope of the project was to ascertain if the present wind conditions were sufficient to support the viability of a wind farms construction. Using state of the art instrumentation, DNT Offshore S.r.l conducted an assessment of the wind levels at two existing offloading terminals, in an area which encompassed from 3 – 10 miles from shore. To date, more than one years Wind Data has been collected. The wind data elaboration was processed and collated at DNT Offshore's base in Ravenna in accordance with the Standard Procedures for the major international Wind Energy Associations (American and European Energy Associations). The collected data associated with typical offshore wind turbine curve of output provides an accurate assessment of the quantity of renewable energy which is likely produced. The interest of such a project lies in the extensive potential benefits that these facilities promise. If data substantiates the farm's establishment, then in addition to significant economical advantages, the conversion of existing offshore structures also offers an aesthetic and environmentally preferable option for the future. This paper describes in detail the technical methods used and the results of the data

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