With the continuing growth in demand for gas in Egypt, it was necessary to develop gas fields as those in the West Delta Deep Marine concession in Idku on the Mediterranean Coast. The Idku gas hub companies are the Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas, Rashid Petroleum Company and Burullus Gas Company. An Environmental study has been commissioned for the entire facilities of the existing hub, a facility for receiving and treating gas from wells offshore of the Nile Delta located 40 Km east of Alexandria, Egypt. The study will look to identify those areas where impact predictions may have been exceeded, or benefits that could be further increased setting out a clear strategy of improvement goals for the integrated facilities at the Hub. Whilst the various proponents to the Gas Hub have been successful in identifying and managing the various impacts and set out a framework of commonality for the future. This process often referred to as Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA) that is a tool increasingly being implemented for multiphase developments occurring over extended periods of time. This study will pay particular reference to cumulative impacts from the Idku Gas Hub on local air quality, noise, waste and waste waters as well as referencing other issues such as energy efficiency and community benefits

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