Expandable screen technology has great potential for optimizing well construction and reducing costs. Compared to other techniques, this new technology can simplify operations and allow more effective completion designs.Open-hole sand control completions in long horizontal drains can be ideal applications for expandable screen technology. This paper describes such a completion in the Dacion field located in Venezuela where an expandable screen system was benchmarked against current oilfield practice.The goals in this completion operation were to prove the reliability of a one-trip deployment and expansion system, the expanded screen sand retention capabilities, and to validate fluid-handling procedures equivalent to standard gravel-pack techniques. This paper reviews the Dacion field completion and describes how the goals were accomplished. The discussion includes candidate selection criteria, overall design process in terms of screen sizing and fluid-displacement procedures, and operations planning and implementation. The resultant expandable screen completion Productivity Index is compared to a reference well in same field with equivalent installation economics

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