The first steerable Turbodrill was introduced over two decades ago. Radical improvements were made in the late 1980's, and further refinement continued through the 1990's. However, a perception still exists in the industry that drilling with Turbodrills is reserved primarily for straight-hole applications. In actuality, some of the most complex directional wells drilled around the world have employed turbodrills. Many of these applications not only required difficult turns, but did so in extreme downhole environments. These perceptions exist primarily due to the unique stabilization configuration of the Turbodrill, which has evolved into its present form through a multitude of case histories over the last two decades. The evolution of the steerable Turbodrill will be evaluated, from its inception in the early 1980's, to the present, along with an in-depth analysis of the current stabilization configurations. The many benefits derived from directional drilling with Turbodrills will be presented, and case histories will be analyzed where steerable Turbodrills have been used in complex directional programs around the world

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