The Al Jurf field is an oil field located in the Mediterranean Sea and is developed by CPTL (Compagnie des Petroles Total Libye) on behalf of the partners NOC (Libya), Total E&P Libye (France) and Wintershall (Germany) with a phased approach in order to integrate major geological uncertainties and to achieve a cost-aggressive and fast development. The main concept of Phase 1 is natural depletion with producing wells drilled and tied immediately to production, a single drilling / well-head / first stage production platform with a platform compact drilling rig, a new-built leased turret-moored FPSO linked by a 3 Km 10" flexible sea-line and a power cable supplying power to the production platform. The production plateau is 40,000 bopd and a maximum amount of 1.5 MMm3/d of associated gas could be flared before Phase 2 is implemented. The engineering, procurement and construction phase went as per plans but important delays were experienced during installation due to adverse weather conditions. Drilling problems were also encountered on the first wells.Plateau was reached end August 2004 with six wells

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