It is well known that technology is a key to success in the oil & gas industry. However the real added value is not only in developing the technology, but in the capability of applying it obtaining concrete and measurable benefits. In order to optimise the internal process of technology application, in the year 2000/2001 ENI E&P Division launched a specific project aimed at accelerating the diffusion and the use of advanced or brand new technologies. These include both those developed internally in the R&D departments and available on the market. In this paper, the work performed and on-going, will be presented with focus on Tunisia, where this project started in 2003. Firstly, the internal process regarding knowledge dissemination, mapping of technology needs vs. technology capabilities, candidates selection and involvement of experts from ENI E&P Headquarter will be discussed. The technologies applied or under study will then be briefly discussed. In total they are eighteen, covering all technological areas including: G&G, reservoir, drilling and completion, surface facilities. Some emphasis will be put in the description of those applications representing milestones for the Tunisian oil industry. As example, we can cite the installation and start up of a multiphase pump at the Hammouda field, that is a first in North Africa. The short to medium term future perspectives are relying on the further applications of already applied technologies and on additional possible applications of technologies identified during the last two years. Currently unresolved technological needs could be the source of possible future R&D activities. Finally, the present and future benefits of technology application will be analysed, both in terms of direct cash flow improvement and indirect company enrichment

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