Petrobel North Port Said and Temsah concession fields are located in the Mediterranean Sea includes several offshore natural gas production platforms remotely controlled through the centralize control room at the onshore gas treatment plant. This paper shall provide and discuss Petrobel experience in the utilization of the power generated from the sun's energy (Photovlotaic system); necessary to get the power supply to keep the offshore gas wells continuously running when the platforms are in the unmanned conditions. The Photovoltaic System is a sun-powered generator consists of silicon solar cells, which converts The sun radiant light energy to a direct current electricity, enough to feed the control instruments, safety systems, radio link telecommunication systems, and to send the process status to the onshore control room for remote control and monitoring. The photovoltaic system also feed the batteries in order to store such energy to be utilized during the night or cloudy weather conditions and such batteries are designed to guarantee several days of operation in case of cloudy or sunless. The photovoltaic system provides also the electrical supply for the signal lighting and acoustic devices for the platform warning to the ships on navigation around the area. The main benefits of using the photovoltaic power generation are: No moving parts. Reliability - operates for long periods with little maintenance. Utilization of the available sun's energy. Clean energy, environmentally friend. Saving the cost of the following:

  1. Laying of submarine power cables, installing of step up/down transformers.

  2. Availability of operators on the platforms, necessity of power generator daily, using of helicopter for personnel transportation, and the necessity to evacuate the platform in case of emergency.

  3. Installing of fire-fighting systems, and increasing of the platform weight.

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