Following the presentation at the OMC'99, EDISON has further developed the project for an offshore LNG receiving Terminal, located about 10 nautical miles N-E Punta Maestra, in the Northern Adriatic Sea. The authority engineering activities have been completed obtaining most of the authorisations by the public bodies, allowing the start of the project. Advanced studies have been carried out in order to get full and up-dated characteristics of the installation site, including Geomorphologic and Geo Technical Surveys, Bathymetric Survey, Environmental Seabed Sampling, Meteo Marine Study, Seismic Assessment, Hydrodynamic Analysis. Thus allowing to proceed on the preliminary design of the integrated GBS (concrete gravity base structure integrated with LNG tanks and foundations) against the environmental and operational loads and the preliminary design of the marine facilities in terms of dimensions, orientation, sheltering effect in order to achieve optimised berthing and unloading operations for the LNG tankers. Prior to start the discipline engineering activities, deep care and attention has been paid to the appropriate selection of the design codes and standards in order to face the lack of complete coverage by the existing codes for an offshore LNG facility. The activity has been developed interacting with both Italian Regulatory Bodies and International Independent Agencies. During the FEED stage the operating conditions and the flow scheme of the storage and regasification facilities have been carefully assessed in order to optimise the boil-off gas recovery, the energy recovery, the flaring requirements, the send-out gas specification adjustment. At the same time several options have been investigated in terms of construct ability and construction methods for the GBS and for its foundation as well as for the integration and mating methods and sequences of the top side facilities with the GBS.

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