As the Offshore market is facing Deepwater production challenges, the Oil & Gas Industry is investing in new technologies to bring down the costs in the subsea fields exploitation. A breakthrough technology solution is the development of a subsea centrifugal compressor module installed on the seabed transporting the wellstream to a central platform or directly to shore. The typical application of the module is gas boosting but it can be also used in the re-injection service. The product architecture of the Subsea Module is made by a centrifugal compressor train (centrifugal compressor, gearbox, electric motor) and package including a separator as an option; the possibility to completely remove the oil from the module through a high speed electric motor and magnetic bearings will be examined. Due to the particular installation site, reliability of the system is an essential requirement to guarantee the module operation: for this reason a specific anti-surge system has been developed. In order to validate this innovative design solution and minimize any risks in the field on the future units, thermodynamic and mechanical performances of the machine must be performed over the entire operating range in the test facilities.

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