Petrobel north port said and Temsah concession fields are located in the Mediterranean sea includes several producing natural gas fields from Pliocene and Miocene wells. The paper reviews and discuss Petrobel experience dealing with the wells producing unpredictable sand on the natural gas stream which causes a sever damage on the surface facilities. The paper sheds a light mainly on Miocene marine wells facilities installed on the Aegypodes and the main Platforms. Most of such wells were tested during the drilling activities, result no sand presence. After 2-3 years, of continuos production and due to the needs to increase the wells production over the foreseen rates, it started to produce sand causing severe damage to the surface & topside facilities, resulting a gas leakage (several times) causing a very dangerous situation for the structure and its facilities due to the high probability of fire occurrence. Temporary and permanent corrective actions (short & long terms) have been taken for the surface facilities and the well in order to overcome such problems and to protect the structure and the relevant investment.

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