Horus field is a marginal old field, locates in western desert Egypt. This paper will present non-traditional solutions for the prevailing problems - always-face the marginal oil fields. Where the most of the recent oil discoveries in Western Desert-Egypt were marginal fields. The experience we got in dealing with Horus field considered good guide for the new development process. Problems of Artificial lift, reservoir management, economic limitations, limited production. Etc. were encountered and studied. This paper also, will include a review of the field production and consideration of development potential both primary and secondary of the field. In addition, the merit of new drilling consideration and water flooding as a factors of increasing the profit potential of the field. Moreover, the experience of new generated 3-D seismic survey conducted through the entire development area will presented. Where the survey was done to improve the operator understanding of Horus field after long production period. Also, the profit of reprocessing as enhancement of the original processing, based on which, new development wells will be drilled. Finally, we will pass through the artificial lift optimization success driving system for the pumping units and down hole materials selection which have a great effect and be the 2nd wing for maximizing the profit out of similar marginal fields without significant capital cost.

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