Egypt continues to develop offshore gas fields and the country is poised for significant additional industrial and economic growth. Natural gas discoveries were developed in the nineties when huge gas reserves were discovered, especially in the Mediterranean Sea and Nile Delta area. The large pool of gas resources continues to be enlarged through successful exploration and the discovery of new fields. In the Nile Delta area, EGPC, IEOC and PETROBEL have developed the gas fields with high and medium potential and several additional platforms will be installed for further gas exploitation and production. A new offshore development complex will be installed to collect and send the gas production to shore. The new complex will be integrated with the existing platforms and sealines in order to reduce investment and operating costs. A new approach to the definition of process and utilities units and also in the operation and management of platforms installed in the peripheral and central gas fields is ongoing in order to reduce the costs and ‘time to market’. All of the new platforms will be constructed in the Egyptian domestic yards. The expansion of the onshore gas treatment plant will be implemented on the basis of process modules, availability, operability and safety aspects. Nevertheless, the local content in terms of technologies, capability and experience will be maximised as a result of the historical co-operation between Egyptian and Italian Companies.

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