Self and barge Installed Platforms are giving new considerations for the development of marginal fields. Suction Pile Technology bv form The Netherlands has developed four (4) Self (and barge) Installing Platform concepts named SIP I, II, III and IV based on suction piles. All these concepts make marginal to medium sized fields economically viable, as the installation costs are generally less compared with using traditional heavy lift crane barges. For the installation of these self and barge installed platforms, local equipment is used, i.e. tugs, barges and other rented equipment, such as strand and/or chain jacks and suction pumps. The schedule for the development of the offshore field is therefore flexible. SPT experienced on two projects in the North Sea that re-use of these suction pile based platforms is easy and cheap as the suction pile foundation can simply be pressed out of the soil without damaging or leaving behind the suction piles. Suction piles can be used in a range of soils from soft to stiff clays, in loose and dense sands and in layered soils.

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